Why You Should Still Be Wearing SPF While Working From Home

VOGUE.com features Dr. Kraffert's expertise in a new article, "Why You Should Still Be Wearing SPF While Working From Home." With more of our hours spent indoors, you might think it’s practical to save the SPF for brighter days ahead—but sunscreen remains an essential part of every morning routine, even when working from home.

As a general rule of thumb, dermatologist Craig Kraffert, M.D., recommends keeping constant with the routine you followed while you were still going outdoors. “People are creatures of habit, so the best idea is to not change one’s daily sunscreen habits, despite the current limitations of movement.” He recommends an ultralight sunscreen with antioxidants and botanical extracts for morning application, namely the Amarte Ultra Veil, as it has a high level of SPF and “it absorbs completely into skin, producing no perceptible color shift or opacity.” The anti-aging ingredients don’t hurt either, making it a great daily go-to. Here, find 16 sunscreens to help protect your skin through your WFH days and beyond.