Dermapen: Advanced Skin Resurfacing in Redding, CA

Aesthetic dermatology is a sophisticated subspecialty of dermatology that is near and dear to our hearts at Redding Derm. While we remain alert to new innovations within cosmetic dermatology, we’ve been selective with our offerings to ensure that we provide our patients with the most cost-effective, cutting edge treatments that give the best results.

Ahead of the Curve

Redding Derm brought Botox to Redding in 1998 -- yes, 15 years ago! -- and has continued that forward-thinking trend by, more recently, being the first to bring Xeomin to our area. Since Xeomin did not meet our initial expectations, we removed it from our offerings. Now, we’re ready to introduce an entirely new class of treatment: Dermapen, or microneedle dermabrasion. But first, a quick look at lasers.

Aesthetic dermatology has been overrun by pixilated lasers such as Fraxel. While the results of Fraxel treatment can be gratifying, treatment isn’t always ‘wash and wear’ as some cases are associated with downtime. Additionally, treatment isn’t always effective. To make matters worse, these devices have huge acquisition costs and, in many cases, large per treatment disposable costs. These facts render pixelated laser treatments as a high-priced cosmetic treatment gamble in terms of costs versus benefits.

Given this market reality, Redding Derm determined that acquiring such a device did not make financial sense for our patients or for us. We are glad we made that decision, especially now.

Dermapen Has Arrived

Recently, a company out of Utah has brought a skin-resurfacing device called Dermapen to market. Dermapen provides pixilated mechanical skin stimulation for a fraction of the equipment and materials cost of lasers such as Fraxel, and is successful at treating a variety of skin conditions including fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. It offers the added benefit of allowing topical actives to be applied simultaneously for deep dermal penetration.

Dermapen is ideal for specialized aesthetic dermatology practices like Redding Derm as it allows us to use our unique technical, medical and artistic skills to intervene for our patients in ways that we anticipate will be safer and more effective than currently available technologies. And it will be more cost effective.

Redding Derm is excited to offer a unique new tool that will help our patients address specific aesthetic dermatology concerns. We welcome private consultation to determine if Dermapen is right for you.

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