Age-Proof Your Skin

The May 2015 issue of MORE Magazine features Dr. Kraffert in an article titled “Age-Proof Your Skin.” This story focuses on how environmental factors affect our skin, offering tips from experts in dermatology on ways to prevent excess skin damage caused by external... Read More

The Beauty Magic of Mushrooms

Yahoo! Beauty features Dr. Kraffert in a lead story, “The Beauty Magic of Mushrooms.” The story dives into this ingredient, with Dr. Kraffert explaining “scientific studies have proven mesima’s anti-inflammatory properties, as well as antioxidant ones, which come from a... Read More

The State of Sunscreen Innovation in 2015

Dermascope features Dr. Kraffert’s byline article, “The State of Sunscreen Innovation in 2015,” in its April 2015 Sun Care issue. Credited as board certified dermatologist and president of Amarte, Dr. Kraffert discusses how sunscreen safety, efficacy and elegance have improved, and... Read More

13 Ways to Simplify Your Anti-Aging Routine features Dr. Kraffert’s quotes in “13 Ways to Simplify Your Anti-Aging Routine.”Amarte Daily ExfoliPowder is highlighted as the product that “makes cleansing a 2-for-1 deal” with ultra-fine corn starch to lift dead skin cells without irritating sensitive skin. Dr. Kraffert is also quoted... Read More

The Truth About The Korean Beauty Routine

The Coveteur features Dr. Kraffert in “The Truth About The Korean Beauty Routine.” The editors work to simplify the elusive idea of Korean regimens, saying “What we’ve learned is that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all type deal nor is it that... Read More

Eye Skin Care

Dermascope features Dr. Kraffert’s byline article on Eye Skin Care in its February 2015  issue.  Dr Kraffert shares education and advice on delivering rejuvenating and anti-aging benefits to the eye area, including a section emphasizing the importance of antioxidants and moisturizers like argan... Read More

The 8 things about to take over beauty

Dr. Kraffert's quotes are featured in this trend setting article on  The story is about top skin care ingredients to look out for in 2015, and it features Dr. Kraffert's quotes throughout, noting that silk fibroin, skullcap, and nano-encapsulated... Read More

Take Action - The Latest Word on Actives

The December 2014 issue of happi features Dr. Kraffert's quotes in the issue’s big skin care feature story titled “Take Action.” The story speaks to the latest active skin care ingredients coming to the market in 2015 and notes consumer purchasing trends... Read More