Clinical Dermatology

Clinical Dermatology consists of the evaluation and treatment of skin conditions and skin disease. Redding Derm’s high level clinical dermatology competence is of great comfort to patients of all ages seeking diagnosis and treatment of common or rare skin conditions.

Clinical Dermatology Skin Exam

One size does not fit all with Clinical Dermatology

Skin is a complex organ and is susceptible to many issues. Some concerns, of course, are more common than others. Skin may develop rashes, color and/or textural changes as well as both harmless and cancerous growths. The key to management of skin conditions, whether common or rare, is proper diagnosis followed by carefully considered patient-specific treatment. 

As with all medical issues, optimal skin treatment results from synergy of science and art. One size does not fit all with clinical dermatology. Even in this advanced day and age, there are substantial differences in understanding and ability amongst dermatology practitioners. Differences in dermatology expertise and practice patterns result in significant real world variations in patient outcomes. At Redding Derm, our ongoing commitment is to provide the best attainable clinical outcomes for our patients.

Redding Derm offers clinical dermatology services at its offices in: